I’m In Love, Y’all.

Have you ever met someone and just thought you’re the one? That’s how I feel about Tessa. We have lots in common, we’re both internet geeks (she worked in tech, even), we both craft in our spare time (I knit, she sews), we both love gaming especially D&D, we both love to shop. And she’s a service submissive while I’m a Dominant who enjoys that. It’s wild to be in a relationship where my bossy personality isn’t a problem! I still haven’t gotten over how great that is.

We occasionally have communication issues (on both sides, completely mutual) and we both individually work on that in therapy. It’s so refreshing to have a parner who is willing to do the work to keep the relationship healthy, instead of blaming me entirely and expecting things to just magically improve like my ex husband and late girlfriend both did.

Also, our core values are complementary. We both are passionate about social justice, Tessa so much so that she has chosen a career where she works with the homeless & mentally ill. She’s never been ableist or fatphobic or transphobic, and she’s actively anti-racist.

Also, have I mentioned she’s gorgeous??? I’d love her no matter what she looked like, but she is so pretty to me. Case in point:

Absolute bombshell
Aren’t we cute together?

I knew within a few months she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. And, even during disagreements, I have never doubted that for a second. Being with her fills me with joy. We are planning to get married eventually, and I absolutely can’t wait for her to be my wife.

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Nonbinary femme-ish person. Latinx. Sex blogger. Poly. Photographer. Knitter. Makeup Artist. Bird & cat person. Converting to Judaism. Dominant Bottom. Fat. Trekkie. Tori Amos fanatic. Singer & songwriter. Disability Activist. Invisibly disabled: chronic pain patient with mental illness. Pansexual with a strong preference for women, cis or trans. They/them.

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