Favorite Toys 2.0

Some of my favorite toys are in the above photo. Clockwise from top left.

1. Doxy Number 3 (strongest wand ever). 2. Magic Wand Plus (favorite overall wand). 3. BMS Pillow Talk Sassy (most versatile budget vibrator). 4. Stupid Cute Flogger (thuddy and not too painful flogger) by Stockroom. 5. Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness (I have the large size, and I like it a lot. Plus, it’s sexy as hell) and VixSkin Mustang by Vixen Creations (favorite average sized, dual density all purpose dildo).

A lot of folks ask me what my favorite toys are, or what I’d recommend the most. But the truth is, it depends. Buying sex toys or BDSM gear when you don’t know what you’re preferences are can be a very overwhelming and daunting task! I am here to help.

First, consider what you’re trying to accomplish. Want something just for masturbation? Or perhaps you’d like to use a toy with a partner, during intercourse. Maybe you’re looking for a strap on & dildo to penetrate your partner. Or maybe you’re looking to flog your partner for the first time.

Then, consider what sort of stimulation you enjoy. This might take trial and error. Some folks are die hard pinpoint stimulation, that touches JUST the clitoris or the head of a penis. Others, such as myself, love broad stimulation, and want to basically rock the entire pelvic floor. Some people love thuddy sensations for impact play, some prefer stingy sensations. Once you know what kind of effect you are looking for, you can narrow down the choices.

Always research what toys are best for what, for instance if you’re looking for a strong, broad style stimulation vibrator, the Magic Wand Plus is the best choice (in my opinion) but if you’re looking for a small pinpoint toy to use during intercourse, the Hot Octopuss Amo is a great choice. Read the reviews on any toy you’re looking for (Google the toy name + reviews). Ask questions (FetLife is a great resource). Happy experimenting!

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