Review: Stupid Cute Flogger

If the Femme identity was a flogger, the Stupid Cute Flogger is what it would be like. Soft, smooth, yielding, baby pink and made of fine leather. Maybe you’d disagree with me, but regardless, this is a flogger I think most would enjoy. If you put muscle behind your swing, it has a little bit of a thud to it and almost no sting. Along with thwacking them, you can also gently caress your partner’s body with it for some delicious sensation play.

The Stupid Cute Flogger is a great choice for beginners because you really can’t hurt someone with this thing. If you want something that delivers a lot of pain I’d suggest looking elsewhere (maybe get a cane), but for a low impact or warm up toy, this flogger is great.

The leather that was used to make the Stupid Cute Flogger is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s so supple, with a beautiful grain, and the smell is intoxicating (reminds me of shopping at tack stores in my youth when I rode horses).

This isn’t something cheaply made overseas, The Stockroom actually makes their leather goods by hand in Los Angeles. The handle of the Stupid Cute Flogger is also covered in leather, with a loop at the end for hanging. It’s easy to grip, lightweight, and doesn’t take a lot of effort to swing. As floggers go, it’s not too expensive at $79.00.

You can buy the Stupid Cute Flogger at The Stockroom.

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