Review: Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick

Do you need a thuddy toy to consenually beat your partner with? Look no further! I asked on FetLife where to get thuddy toys that pack a wallop for little effort expended on the Top’s part. I am new to Topping and I don’t have a lot of arm strength with which to swing a flogger. Well, someone suggested this toy and both my submissive and I think it’s delightful.

Now, I’m sure most do indeed use this thing for massage, but I had kinkier intentions. This toy is a classic pervertable, that is, a vanilla object used for kink play. Lots of others exist, a wood kitchen spoon, belt, and dog’s rope toy were other suggestions. But I chose this one because I’ve always liked canes, and this toy looked like a really thick cane to me. Because it’s not technically a BDSM toy, you avoid the inflated price tag.

I would definitely recommend this toy as a finale toy, it’s pretty intense and some -I’m definitely including myself in this- can’t tolerate it for long. There’s no sting to this toy, none whatsoever, much to my delight. It’s ALL thud. Having been both on the receiving and giving end, I have to say I love this thing. I don’t have an affiliate link for this, but it’s sold at Amazon and any traditional Chinese medicine shop.

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