Review: Doxy Number 3

Also called by sex bloggers Doxy Smol, the Doxy Number 3 is one incredibly powerful vibrator. When I first turned it on, I said out loud to my roommate, “Holy shit! That’s it on low.”

“It’s loud,” he remarked. Indeed. This is not a vibe you can use on the down low. I’m quite certain it can be heard through a closed door, under a comforter with background music playing. It’s considerably louder than my Magic Wand, and has a really high pitched whirr. But, that’s the price you pay for power.

The Doxy Number 3 is hands down the most powerful wand I’ve ever used. This is a wand for power queens, and only power queens. If you need gentle vibrations, forget it. If you want a range of speeds, it’s probably not for you. I didn’t notice a big difference between the speeds to be honest. I counted three, but they all felt really, really strong. All the speeds were rumbly enough for me, but I think the Magic Wand or O-Wand is more rumbly. However, the Doxy Number 3 wins for sheer power. If power is what you need, this is the wand for you. My vulva was still tingling for several minutes after I used it.

I really like how lightweight the Doxy Number 3 is. I was expecting it to be heavier, but it’s probably the lightest of my wands. It’s really comfortable to hold, and worked well with my fat body. I think it’d be a great wand to use during intercourse or strap on sex, it’s nice and compact to fit between bodies, but just broad enough to work for me. The neck isn’t flexible, so you can apply all the pressure you need, which is rather important because the vibrations feel a lot deeper when you press the Doxy Number 3 into your body.

The Doxy Number 3 is body safe, with an aluminum body and silicone head. It’s not waterproof, but you can remove the head by unscrewing it for through cleaning. There are also other attachments that screw onto the Doxy Number 3, which is nice because they won’t ever come off in use.

The Doxy Number 3 plugs in (although they do make a rechargeable Doxy). I prefer plug ins because I hate keeping track of charging cords and waiting for vibrators to charge. I would definitely recommend using water based lube with this toy, it gets a bit draggy without it.

The Doxy Number 3 is beautiful in Disco Black. In the sun, it’s glittery and sparkly. It also comes in red, matte black, and sliver. Price wise, the Doxy Number 3 is expensive. Definitely it’s an investment, but if you need a lot of power, it’s money very well spent.

You can buy the Doxy Number 3 at Betty’s Toy Box, The Stockroom and She Vibe.

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  1. These are by a clear mile the best vibrator we have. So much fun when used in combination with restraints and safeword. To quote my partner ‘it feels like my insides have been turned inside out. I never knew my body could do that’. Also known as ‘the juicer’.

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