Review: b-vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set

The b-vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set is so amazing I am not sure where to start. Look at it! Even the box is pretty and worth keeping (much appreciated, so I can keep everything together). The set contains a Le Wand Petite, g spot attachment, b-vibe Snug Plug 2, an enema bulb and lube shooter (pictured, above). Additionally, the set also comes with a handy zippered storage pouch that fits almost everything, gloves, finger condoms, and a black towel with a zippered compartment for easy cleanup (not pictured).

That shade of blue, wow. It’s an azure blue, almost periwinkle. The Le Wand and b-vibe products only come in this shade for this set, which is what tipped me over into the decision to buy. Not a lot of toys come in blue at all, and definitely not in this shade. It is be-you-tee-ful.

The wand is the Le Wand Petite, and it isn’t as amazing as it looks, unfortunately. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a bad toy, it’s light, portable, splashproof and has a handy travel lock. The neck is flexible, but you can apply pressure. It’s a good choice if you have wrist or hand strength problems, and it works well with my fat body. If you travel a lot and worry about your giant Hitatchi being searched in the open by TSA, sneaking this among your checked luggage ought to work instead. But a Hitatchi it’s not, and by that I mean, it’s not as strong, (not even close) and it’s not as rumbly.

Supposedly there are ten speed settings on the Le Wand Petite, but I can’t detect more than 3, and they’re not all that different. They all feel the same medium strong intensity and when you crank it all the way up, it gets buzzier and harder to orgasm. It almost feels like you’re turning it down the higher you go. I sat there with this toy confused as to how this was actually possible, usually I can detect different speeds easily with toys and with most other wands I can’t tolerate the top setting.

However, I disagree that it’s as buzzy as some reviewers make it out to be. Either I have had some really shitty vibrators in the past or it just isn’t that bad. Rumbly it really isn’t, but it is powerful enough to give me orgasms pretty easily, more than one even. With super buzzy vibes I can’t come at all.

Also, if you are new to toys in general, or sensitive to vibration, this wand would not be my first choice. The lowest setting is pretty strong, honestly. Not Hitachi strong, but definitely I can see how this would be a horrible toy for someone whose sensitive, moreso than most other small wands.

The buttons of the Le Wand Petite are easy enough to use, with one button to turn it on or increase speed, and another button to decrease the speed, with a third button for the patterns. Easy, peasy. I didn’t have to look anything up to figure out how to use it (yay!).

The g spot attatchment…works, and that’s about all I have to say about it. I don’t love internal vibrations at all, they are like kinda interesting but don’t do much for me. The g spot attachment hit my g spot but the clit bump was nowhere near my clit. Alas. I could never have an orgasm like that at all. But if you do come from g spot (or p spot) stimulation, then yeah, the attachment is nice to have. It was a little difficult to get it on and off the Le Wand Petite, but I guess that’s so that it stays put when in use.

My favorite part, and hands down the best thing in this entire set was the Snug Plug 2. If you like to wear butt plugs for long term use, this is the plug for you!!! I was shocked at how much I loved it (more than Njoy Pure Plugs, even). I was not expecting this from you, b-vibe! The Snug Plug 2 was just so comfortable but also hit the right spots up inside me and made me incredibly horny.

I could forget about the b-vibe Snug Plug 2 when I wanted to but eventually my attention would return to the plug in my ass. It’s weighted and while I can’t feel the inner balls vibrating when I wear it, I definitely feel SOMETHING and that something feels really, really good. It also continued to feel good over time, I wore mine for over four hours, which is a personal record.

The size of the Snug Plug 2 is well chosen, I know it looks a bit on the large side but something about the shape plus my use of a very thick lube called Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle, and it slid right in, absolutely no discomfort (I did not warm up prior to insertion). Normally I’m a small toys girl when it comes to butt stuff, but this toy was sized just right. I also didn’t notice any chafing while wearing it, even when walking around. It was a little bit difficult to insert because of my fat body and it’s bendy stem, but I did manage it finally.

The other two things in the b-vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage and Education Set I think are optional for use when having anal sex, and they are a lube shooter and an enema bulb. I don’t normally do enemas but if you prefer your ass as clean as possible then they are a good option. I didn’t test this particular bulb, as I hate enemas, but I imagine it would work fine. The lube shooter is to get lots and lots of lube deep in your ass, unnecessary for just putting a plug in but if I ever planned on sticking something longer up there, I’d definitely use it. And the black towel is a really nice touch for cleanup after removing the plug. It even has a little zippered compartment.

Overall, I really liked the b-vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage and Education Set. It has absolutely everything anyone could ever possibly want to have a good anal experience, and the booklet it came with was pretty informative if a bit repetitive (how many times can you say “go slow?” We get it). The set is multipurpose, beautiful, informative and useful. Really what more could you want?

You can buy the b-vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage and Education Set at Betty’s Toy Box and She Vibe.

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