Top Five Favorite Sex Toys

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. As a sex toy aficionado, I’ve tried a wide variety of toys. Wand vibrators are my favorite type of toy, especially when I’m feeling lazy. When I’m up for more effort, I add a dildo. During partner sex (strap on or intercourse) I really like a smaller toy that easily fits between bodies. And lastly, for fun stimulation anytime, I love a good butt plug. Now, onto the list!

  1. Magic Wand Plus. I consider this to be the best toy you can buy for under $100. It’s arguably the most powerful wand I personally own. On high it’ll make your teeth rattle. But it also starts off gently, so there’s a setting for everyone. It’s a classic for a reason and this upgraded version is absolutely worth buying.
  2. Eroscillator 2. I don’t own the Top Deluxe model, but I’ve never found this toy to be lacking in power. Almost all the attachments I own are great, so whether you choose the most stripped down package or buy the Top Deluxe combo, you should still get a phenomenal amount of pleasure from this toy. I would, however, recommend investing in the “soft finger” attachment, which is my personal favorite. My preferred toy for partnered sex.
  3. O-Wand. When I first bought this toy, I didn’t use anything else for nearly a year. It’s the most rumbly vibrator I own, and it has never ever failed to get me off. It also has every luxury feature one could possibly want, it’s waterproof, it’s rechargeable (and the charge lasts almost forever), hell it even has patterns if that’s your jam.
  4. VixSkin Mustang by Vixen Creations. Of all my dildos, this shape and size I think is the most versatile. It requires no warm up, it’s an average size that isn’t too big and isn’t too small. It fits perfectly in my harness and well, I just love it. If you haven’t tried a VixSkin toy, you are missing something really special. They feel the most like a real flesh and blood penis.
  5. Njoy Pure Plug, size small. My perfect butt plug. It’s comfortable and can be worn the longest. It’s easy and painless to insert. Choose whatever size you please, but this small toy is my personal favorite.

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