Review: Godemiche Adam Super Soft

Gird your loins folks, I have a hell of a review (rant?) today. For I hate this dildo. I basically have nothing good to say about it. I snagged the Godemiche Adam Super Soft for 50% off. Remember how I always say you get what you pay for? That has never felt more true than right now. It’s a fairly inexpensive dildo even at full price, and at half off, £22, it was a steal despite them not offering free or inexpensive shipping. Or so I thought when I bought it weeks ago.

For starters, this dildo looks horrible. Look closely at the photos especially the closeup of the bottom part and you can see indentations from what apparently was glitter all over this dildo. Further, there’s a paint/silicone splotch in another color at the base if you look carefully. And speaking of the base, it’s not perfectly round, it’s warped. There’s another splotch on the bottom of the base too. It’s by far the stickiest silicone I’ve ever encountered. I couldn’t remove all the lint because lint from my towel was attracted to it. Even VixSkin isn’t this sticky.

OK, I thought. These are just cosmetic things. Maybe it’ll feel great! Haha, nope. Because of the extreme softness and straight shape, it did absolutely nothing for me or my g spot. I could barely feel it, and it definitely wasn’t stimulating in any way.

It was impossible to insert it by myself, I had to have help. So I knew it was already out as a masturbation dildo. But I couldn’t even so much as thrust it gently once it was in, it was just too fucking soft. I mean, I love a squishy dildo (big fan of VixSkin), but it’s apparently possible to have TOO much squish. I got so pissed off trying to derive any pleasure at all from it that I finally yanked it out and screamed, “I HATE THIS DILDO!” Now, maybe this dildo would work for me in the firm version. Maybe their curved dildo would work for me. This one did not, at all.

I’d consider ordering other products, but I heard some not so great things about this company after I placed my order. I was going to base my judgment on their product, and I’m really not a little bit pissed off. The quality is my main beef, other than the softness and shape which are really just preference. Honestly, if I could return this thing I would, I hate it that much. I’m probably going to do the unthinkable and throw it out. What a waste of money.

I wouldn’t recommend this dildo company to anyone, because of their ethics and what I feel is incredibly poor quality product.

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