Review: Vixen Woody

The Vixen Woody reminds me a lot of the VixSkin Mustang. It’s the exact same mold, but out of a firmer single density silicone, and it has a spot for a vibe which I will probably never use. It’s still pliable, you can easily bend it in half, but it’s not as squishy on the outside.

I sometimes like a little extra firmness, it means less warm up is required as a firmer dildo will just slide right in. Because it’s made of 100% platinum silicone, it will never break down or degrade and it is absolutely safe to stick in your holes. Due to the flared base, the Vixen Woody is harness compatible and anal safe.

The color of the Vixen Woody is particularly pleasing, red is my favorite color so when I saw that Vixen makes a red dildo, I instantly wanted it. It’s a really beautiful dildo. And A+ on the shape. The curve means I can comfortably use it by myself, despite my belly in the way and my short arms. It hits my g spot juuuuuust right. The small size means I don’t need any warm up, just a little lube. I get explosive orgasms with this toy (and with all Vixen toys, actually).

My only complaint is that it’s a sticky silicone, as all Vixen toys are. It attracts lint/dust/pet fur easily. But, as for how it feels in use combined with it’s size, shape, and looks it could not possibly be more perfect. I don’t even have an affiliate link for it, I just loved it and wanted to share it with you.

I did not try the mini bullet that came with it. I use this toy as a plain non vibrating dildo, as I’m just not into internal vibrations. If that’s your thing, you’d be better off buying a BMS Pillow Talk Sassy, that’s much stronger.

All in all I’m in love with this dildo. It’s shape, size, color…everything is just right.

Easy to bend in half, but firm enough to use.

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