Remembering Sheryl

Today would have been Sheryl’s 38th birthday. She died of heart disease in February of this year. We first met on OK Cupid. We were both in abusive (but polyamorous) relationships with cis men. We weren’t a match as a couple, but Sheryl and I hit it off as friends.

Sheryl was one of the organizers of AmBi, an organization on for bisexuals. One Thanksgiving, to avoid my then boyfriend’s Republican Conservative family, I went to their meetup in downtown Sacramento, California. Sheryl came and picked me up because I didn’t have a car. She went out of her way to include me and I really had a blast.

Sheryl supported me when I left that boyfriend, and was such an amazing friend to me. We had a lot in common, though she liked dick a lot more than I do (Ha!). We told each other dirty jokes, talked about sex toys, always kept in touch even after she moved away to get married (sadly she died before this could happen).

Sheryl invited me to Dixon Pride, in June of 2018 which is where the above photo was taken. It was hotter than hell that day, but I’m so glad I took a photo to remember. I look at it now and think how unfair it is that Sheryl is gone.

My takeaway after this loss (and Katrina) is that life can be short and it can be any one of us at any time. Live today like it’s your last day on earth.

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