Review: Hot Octopuss Amo

The Hot Octopuss Amo is a nifty little bullet vibrator. Because of it’s unique shape, it can deliver both pinpoint and broad stimulation. Being plus size, I found the shape was great for getting in between my rather large outer labia without me having to spread my labia apart with my hand. I would definitely recommend this toy to plus sized individuals. It’s also very quiet, if you need a discreet toy, this is a great choice.

I was concerned that the Hot Octopuss Amo would not be strong enough for me, but I needn’t have worried. While I do require it’s maximum vibration level, an orgasm came much quicker than I expected. In less than a minute! I was left breathless, wondering how this had happened so easily and so quickly.

The Hot Octopuss Amo is a really beautiful, sexy looking toy (I am a sucker for black and red!). I wish more toys would come in this color, especially instead of hot pink and royal purple, which seem to be the most common colors in the sex toy industry. And, because of it’s small size, I think it’s perfect for use during intercourse or for strap on sex, as it would easily fit between two bodies.

There are some great features to the Hot Octopuss Amo. It’s USB rechargeable as all good vibrators should be, it’s waterproof, it has five speeds with up/down buttons (so if you want to go back to your previous speed, you don’t have to cycle through them all), and it’s made of body safe silicone. All that for a low price point of $49.00! If you’re looking for a rechargeable clit vibe for under $50, this toy definitely fits the bill.

However, a few caveats. Firstly it’s really confusing to figure out how to turn the Hot Octopuss Amo on, and the instruction booklet was no help, which seems to be a recurring theme with Hot Octopuss toys. I had to Google Miss Ruby’s review to figure it out (bless her for always explaining how to use a toy). And the buttons are very hard to press. I don’t have hand strength issues and even I have trouble with them.

However, I can forgive the flaws because once you do manage to press the buttons right and get the thing to turn on, the Hot Octopuss Amo delivers wonderful, rumbly vibrations. They start off very gentle and go up to a damn powerful finish. I think this toy will satisfy both sensive folks and those that need a little extra stimulation.

You can buy the Hot Octopuss Amo at Betty’s Toy Box or directly from Hot Octopuss. Affiliate links are used in this post.

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