Review: 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe

The 3some Wall Banger Deluxe is a silicone vibrator that reminds me a lot of the Lelo Mona 2, but with some added features that make it a superior toy. It has a handy detatchable suction cup that sticks firmly to almost anything, a remote, and with the suction cup attached it’s waterproof (without the suction cup it’s just splash proof). The 3some Wall Banger Deluxe also has a strap at the bottom of the toy that you stick your fingers through which makes it easy to grasp. If you have hand strength issues, this is a great toy to invest in.

Using the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe is very comfortable. It’s strong enough for me, which is saying something. I really, really like the strap aspect, it makes holding onto it so much easier, especially if your hands are covered in lube. The silicone is smooth and doesn’t attract pet fur or lint. This is a firm toy, it feels bigger when inserted and if you’re using it on your clitoris you can apply firm pressure, which I like. It’s also a very, very quiet toy. In use all I hear is a low hum. Behind a closed door or even just under a comforter it’s not audible.

My main caveat is that the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe is a little bit buzzy, not so much so that it’s unsatisfying, but enough that this probably won’t make it to my list of favorites. There’s also only one button to turn on the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe, which some people like but I find annoying. I wish there was a power button and a button to increase the speed. I also could do without the patterns.

Overall, I think the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe is an innovative toy that could really help people with physical disabilities. It has some bells and whistles, it’s versatile, and it’s body safe. All that for a retail price of $79.99 which is really not bad for a body safe toy with this many features.

You can buy the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe at Betty’s Toy Box and She Vibe.

Full Disclosure: I received the 3some Wall Banger Deluxe for free in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I honestly would have never noticed the strap feature from the listings I’ve seen of this, that’s so awesome! (Also, that rainbow blanket? Huge fan!) 🌈

    1. Yeah the strap is a major bonus, that’s why I chose to test the toy!

      That rainbow blanket was a custom order from @radcrochetqueer on Twitter. She has an etsy shop, her turn around time is great & her prices are reasonable.

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