Review: Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness

The Aslan Leather Jaguar harness is the ultimate in harnesses, the Cadillac, if you will. I asked on FetLife which harness to get that comes in plus sizes, and the answers overwhelmingly suggested this one.

However, I will say, at a size 22-24 (3x) I am almost on the last notches. It says it fits up to 56″ hips and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I mainly bought it for my late girlfriend to use on me, not as much the other way around, and she had narrower hips than I, but a bigger belly. It fit her just fine with many notches to spare. I’d estimate her woman’s size was about a 18-20 (2x) or XL-XXL in men’s.

Because the Jaguar sits low on the hips, for the most part it sits bellow the belly. It also comes in a smaller version, though I can’t attest to how that fits. However, the sides seem to fit my higher at my waist, and in order to get the whole thing tight enough I have to sqish my fat a bit. It is not uncomfortable, however.

The leather and construction of the Jaguar is incredibly good quality. It’s a soft, supple leather that feels amazing to wear. Looks wise, you don’t get much sexier than this. Add your favorite dildo and you’re ready for a fun strap on adventure!

The Jaguar fits most dildos, including big ones, much to my satisfaction. I enjoyed my late girlfriend using it with The Captain silicone dildo by Pleasure Works, which is probably the maximum girth the harness can accommodate (2″ in diameter). But any harness compatible silicone dildo will work. I’ve shown it here with a smaller dildo, the VixSkin Mustang by Vixen Creations.

All in all I’m pleased with my harness, now if only I had a partner to use it with. Alas, the harness does not come with a girlfriend.

My only complaint is it’s frustrating/complicated to put on. Maybe it’s because I’m a harness beginner, but I definitely have to fiddle with it a lot, whilst sweating, trying to work around my belly, and often swearing. So, if you are like me a brief style harness might be easier. But once you get it on the harness is so sexy. It’s just getting there that’s a problem.

I’ve included some photos with it on, using the VixSkin Mustang by Vixen Creations, which fits the harness perfectly. The Maverick is too girthy to easily fit the harness. Please ignore my silly expressions!

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