Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo is a really innovative toy, which is what piqued my interest. I was hopeful it would help with my partner’s erectile dysfunction, and it just seemed neat. A vibrator for a penis and vulva AT THE SAME TIME?! There isn’t anything else like it.

Sadly, the vibrations meant for a vulva were way, way too weak for my wand loving clit. Like…there is no way I could ever orgasm with this toy. But, not everyone needs a lot of power like I do! The vibration quality was definitely nice.

Unfortunately, my partner could not get hard with this toy, the fit was uncomfortable too. He described it as a “total flop.” We both agree, however, that the vibrations are deep and rumbly. And loud. This toy is like Hitachi level loud. It also was not easy to figure out how it worked.

I imagine there ARE people for whom this is a good toy. If you have a penis, and you know you like vibrations, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo might be just the thing. It charged quickly and held a charge for months. It’s made of body safe materials and it’s fully waterproof. I’m really curious to try it out on other partners, but for now it will sit lonely in it’s box.

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