Sex Toy Materials: What You Need To Know

What does “body safe” mean and why does it matter? In short, the term “body safe” means that the toy is not porous, and not toxic. You see, just like skin, sex toy materials can have pores. Bacteria, mold, and fungi can get into those pores, and while you can clean the surface of the toy, you cannot clean inside those little pores.

A porous toy can lead to infections like yeast and urinary tract infections. You really don’t want a porous toy near your sensitive bits. And no, antibacterial toy cleaner can not penetrate past the surface, which means bacteria will still be in those little pores. I used to get frequent yeast infections, and I’m pretty sure it may have been, in part, due to the porous toy I was using on my clit regularly.

Toxic toys are also unfortunately a problem in the unregulated sex toy industry. PVC and jelly can contain phthalates, (and even the phthalate free kind is still porous). Besides their terrible smell, they can actually make you feel nauseous, give you a headache or give you a severe skin reaction (skin peeling, itching, and chemical burns). And do you really want a toy that can literally melt when stored next to another toxic toy? Don’t believe a manufacturer who claims their toys are body safe if they’re made of a toxic or porous material, there’s nothing to stop them from lying. No regulations at all.

The only body safe toys are those made of silicone, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, ABS plastic, some types of tempered glass, ceramic, and in specific cases, properly finished wood or stone. There are some exceptions, like the Eroscillator and the Magic Wand Original, but generally speaking that’s the case. I know body safe toys can be costly, but companies like Blush Novelties, BMS, and Funkit Toys make some great silicone products that aren’t expensive. You can also shop the sales to make toys more affordable. Don’t take a chance, this is your bits we’re talking about.

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