Review: Iroha Sakura

The Iroha Sakura is a squishy silicone vibrator. It is body safe and non porous. It has an odd shape, but I found the notch at the top good for surrounding my clitoris. Sadly, the Iroha Sakura is the weakest vibrator I’ve ever owned. Weak enough that I only got off once using it, and I think that was because I hadn’t masturbated in weeks.

The rechargeable battery of the Iroha Sakura also doesn’t last long, I had it die on me multiple times as I used it futilely trying to have an orgasm. I’d say it lasts about half an hour. I did like the squishy feel of the Iroha Sakura, but unfortunately, all that squish dampens the vibrations quite a lot. And it’s not cheap, $99 at the time of this post. It also didn’t last long, I tried to charge it about a year after I first bought it, just past the warranty, and it wouldn’t accept a charge. But, that may have been a fluke. Lastly it’s not waterproof, so it must be cleaned carefully.

The Iroha Sakura is beautiful, and comes in sleek packaging. Even the charging case is pretty. I was very disappointed that it did not work well with my body. I just need more power. But, the Iroha Sakura would be a good choice for someone who likes gentle vibrations.

You can buy the Iroha Sakura at Good Vibrations.

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