Review: Magic Wand Original

The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitatchi Magic Wand, is always going to have a special place in my heart. It is the wand that made me fall in love with wands, and it was my first experience with a rumbly vibrator. The Magic Wand Original was the first toy to make me orgasm in a mere thirty seconds, an impressive feat. I’ve even had multiple orgasms with the Magic Wand Original, which is incredibly rare for me.

The Magic Wand Original has just two speeds, strong and holy shit! It’s probably not for you if you’re sensitive to vibrations, and I wouldn’t suggest it as a first vibrator. Unfortunately, the head is porous, so that means you’ll never be able to get it fully clean and you can’t share it unless you’re already fluid bonded to your partner. The head becomes gradually discolored with use, which I find a bit off putting. It’s not waterproof. It has to stay plugged in. And it’s the loudest vibrator I own by far.

For it’s price of just $60, the Magic Wand Original is arguably the best vibrator you can buy, (although I think it’s worth it to spend an extra cash to get the Magic Wand Plus, more on that later). When I first tried the Magic Wand Original it was instantly my favorite. The vibrations just feel so good, they’re rumbly and amazing. I once shook so badly as I was having an intense orgasm my then girlfriend almost thought I was having a seizure. It’s an earth shattering vibrator.

I have also tried the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and found it to be just as powerful, with more settings so it doesn’t start off as intense. It also has a silicone head that doesn’t discolor, and of course it’s cordless. But it’s also twice the price of the Magic Wand Original. There is also the new Magic Wand Plus, which is a corded version that also has four speeds and a silicone head for just a little bit more. That’s my favorite Magic Wand, and I think it’s worth the additional money.

I think the Magic Wand Original is one of the best vibrators on the market. I absolutely love it. It reaches my clit easily as I masturbate on my back, despite my belly and short arms. It’s not too heavy as other wands can be. It wrenches an orgasm from me in record speed.

You can buy the Magic Wand Original at She Vibe and Betty’s Toy Box.

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