Sex Toys for Fat Bodies

As a fat woman with a large belly and short arms, I couldn’t help but notice certain toys don’t work for me as easily as others. I love to masturbate lying on my back because that’s living my best life, but that means it’s harder to reach my clit and vaginal opening. Certain small clit toys or any dildo shorter than 6.5 inches, cannot be used at all in this position. I just can’t reach. Sometimes this can be remedied if I sit up, which isn’t as comfortable, sometimes not.

Wand vibrators almost always work the best with little effort on my part in terms of positioning. They easily reach, although I do need to spread the lips of my vulva to properly expose my clitoris. I especially love ergonomically shaped wands that are curved versus a wand with a straight shaft. I find a wand with a curved shaft is the most comfortable for me to use.

Another tip I discovered is using g-spot vibrators on my clitoris. They’re generally longer than strictly clitoral vibrators, and can reach that sweet spot despite my short arms. While I can’t reach to actually use them as g-spot toys, I don’t mind too much because I don’t love vaginal vibrations.

Dildos generally work best if they’re long, preferably 7 inches or longer. The more length the better really, and a nicely flared base makes them easier to grip, especially when the shaft is covered in lube. Curved dildos are easier for me to reach than straight ones, the more dramatic the curve the better. And, if all else fails, I get my roommate/partner to “man the dildo” so I don’t have to. I have certain dildos I can’t use at all by myself because they’re just too short and it’s uncomfortable for me to arch my back so that I can reach.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different toys in various ways so that they work better for you. Different positions can make or break a toy, I have some toys I have to sit up to use, and others that work in every position. This is what works for me, but of course, your body is unique and you may have different challenges and preferences. Make sure to read multiple reviews on any toy you plan on buying. It’s also helpful if you find a blogger whose preferences are similar to your own, so you have a better idea of whether or not a toy will work for you.

Have fun and happy exploring.

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