Review: VixSkin Maverick

Behold, I have a new favorite dildo! The VixSkin Maverick is a dual density dildo that has quite a lot of squish on the outside, with just enough firmness in the core to make it useable. Much softer than my previous favorite silicone dildo, The Captain, the Maverick is filling without even a hint of discomfort.

Because the Maverick is curved with a pronounced head, it massages my g-spot in the most satisfying way. Combined with the Eroscillator on my clit, it is an explosive, orgasmic combination. A toe curling, out of breath, what-just-happened-to-me orgasmic combination. I can’t say enough good things about this dildo.

At 8 inches long and 1.9 inches in diameter, the Maverick hits all the right spots, and is just the right size. If I were Goldilocks, this would be my perfect size. It’s large, but it’s not TOO large.

Made completely of body safe, non porous silicone, the Maverick is easy to clean using a mild soap and water (make sure to rinse well). If you need to sterilize it, you can boil it in a pot of water for five minutes. The Maverick has a flared base, which makes it harness compatible and anal safe.

The Maverick is made of a slightly tacky, skin like silicone that attracts dust, lint, pet fur, you name it. You’ll need to clean it even before using it. But, that seems to me to be a small price to pay for something that feels this good in use. At $119 it’s on the pricier end for a silicone dildo, but believe me, it’s money well spent. The quality of this dildo is absolutely superb.

From left, Bandit, Maverick and Mustang

You can get the VixSkin Maverick at Good Vibrations and Betty’s Toy Box.

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