Review: Njoy Pure Wand

Have you ever wondered what targeted g-spot stimulation feels like? Well, wonder no further with the Njoy Pure Wand. Made of non porous, body safe stainless steel, the Njoy Pure Wand is a joy to use. Combined with a vibrator on my clit, it’s an orgasmic powerhouse, even if the vibrator I’m using is weak and buzzy. This dildo is also perfect for prostate stimulation, if that’s your pleasure.

Temperature play is amazing with the Njoy Pure Wand, adding thrilling new sensations. It holds warmth very well and for added enjoyment or just to take the chill out of a cold winter’s night, warm it up under hot water. If it’s cold you like, or to cool off on a hot summer’s day, you can place the Pure Wand in the fridge (not the freezer, as it could stick to your skin).

As a larger person with short arms and a belly to work around, I have to say the Njoy Pure Wand is just perfect. It’s curved shape means I can easily reach it, even when lying on my back.

The Pure Wand has two bulbous ends, one larger and one smaller. This means you don’t necessarily need to warm up to dive in and start using it, as the smaller end really accommodates any arousal level. I, however, am impatient and tend to just jump in with the large end, which has never been a problem for me personally.

My only compliant about the Pure Wand is that it’s quite heavy. It weighs over 1.5 pounds, so if you have hand or wrist problems, you may want to look for a silicone dildo instead. It’s also quite expensive at $120, but you’re absolutely getting a luxury toy for that price.

I love the Pure Wand, it was the first dildo I ever bought. I had the good fortune of dating a man who owned one. He used it on me and I thought it was so amazing I ordered one as soon as I got paid that month. One of my best sex toy purchases, especially considering that it will never wear out.

You can get the Njoy Pure Wand at Good Vibrations and Betty’s Toy Box.

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