Review: We-Vibe Touch

The We Vibe Touch is an excellent, small vibrator. It’s made of a firm, smooth silicone that’s completely non porous and body safe. The We-Vibe Touch is waterproof and rumbly without even a hint of buzz.

I love to use this vibrator while having sex with a male partner, it’s small and fits easily between bodies. I also love the shape of the We-Vibe Touch, it can easily deliver both pinpoint and broad stimulation.

There are three steady vibration levels, and my biggest complaint is that the highest level could be stronger. This is not a toy I’d recommend to power queens. It’s barely strong enough to get me off, and I’ve had a few occasions where it just wasn’t enough power. But, the vibrations are rumbly and feel fantastic. I don’t use patterns, however there are several of them if that’s your thing.

The We-Vibe Touch is USB rechargeable and holds a charge for months. I left it in my purse after taking it to a lover’s house and was shocked when, months later, it powered right up.

If you’re looking for a whisper quiet vibrator, consider the We-Vibe Touch. I can barely hear it when pressed against my body, and it certainly can’t be heard through a closed door.

The We-Vibe Touch is my favorite small vibrator (but I should note I’ve yet to try the Tango). It really checks all the boxes. I’d recommend this vibrator to those new to vibrators and advanced users alike. It’s a very good choice if you’re sensitive to vibrations. It’s rumbly goodness can’t be beat. At $99 the We-Vibe Touch is expensive, but considering it’s features, it’s definitely worth the price.

You can buy the We Vibe Touch at Good Vibrations and Betty’s Toy Box.

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