Review: The Captain

The Captain is a large, dual density silicone dildo. Despite it’s wide girth (2” across), it’s comfortable to use. The outer layer of silicone is quite squishy, so it doesn’t feel as big in use versus a hard toy. However, this toy is much firmer than a VixSkin dildo by a lot.

The Captain fills me up in the most delicious way, and although I think it would benefit from a slight curve, it does massage my g spot. The flared base makes the Captain harness compatible and anal safe.

The Captain is long enough at 7.5” that I can use it by myself while laying on my back, despite my belly and short arms. My ex girlfriend and I used it in a harness, and it worked incredibly well, with no bending or slipping out. The inner core is quite firm, you cannot bend this toy in half. Compared to a VixSkin dildo, this toy is much firmer. If you want a harness compatible dildo to fuck someone silly, the Captain is an excellent choice.

The Captain is fairly smooth, with not a lot of veiny texture, and a head that isn’t too pronounced. I like this aspect of it, but texture lovers will want to look elsewhere. I personally found that the Captain feels quite a lot like a real, flesh and blood penis.

Because the Captain is made of silicone, it’s body safe and very easy to keep clean. Just wash with a mild soap and water. If you wish to sterilize it, especially useful if going from ass to vagina, boil in a pot of water for about five minutes.

Overall, the Captain is one of my favorite dildos. I love it’s smooth, skin like feel and the versatility of using it with or without a harness. At $99, it’s a pricey dildo, but I think it’s absolutely worth the investment. You can get the Captain at Good Vibrations.

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