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The Womanizer 2GO is a lipstick-shaped toy that can bring me to orgasm in five minutes flat, tops. Note that I did not say lipstick-sized; this toy is the size of my palm. It is comically large. However, with its cap on, it’s quite discreet. It can easily pass as a perfume bottle or some other beauty product.

Update: In fact, while he was helping me pack my room before we moved, my roommate came across the Womanizer 2GO and said, “Is this like a lipstick or something?”

If you’ve never heard of a Womanizer toy, you’re in for a treat. It uses “pleasure air technology” to stimulate the clitoris without touching it. The sensation feels like mild suction and a sort of tapping feeling. It’s supposed to resemble someone sucking on your clitoris, but I don’t think it feels like oral sex at all. All I know is, it’s incredibly intense and it WORKS. 

Normally, I have to use a vibrator on the maximum speed. However, with this toy, the maximum intensity is WAY too much for me. In fact, my biggest complaint with this toy is that it doesn’t start off as gentle as I’d like, a fact I can forgive because it gives me such speedy orgasms.

The Womanizer 2GO has six levels of intensity, but I’ve never needed anything beyond the fourth level. It is USB-rechargeable, waterproof for easy cleaning, and comes with two heads to accommodate various clitoris sizes. I found the head it comes with is sufficient for my needs. I did not need to use the larger head.

I will say, as a plus size person with a large belly, I can’t use this toy while laying on my back (my preferred masturbation position). I have to be sitting up. However, it easily reaches my clit despite this, and I don’t have to spread my labia open as like I do with, say, a wand vibrator.

This version of Womanizer is clunky to hold. Thankfully, it gives me a fast orgasm so I’m not clutching it very long, but it does irritate my carpal tunnel. It would not be my pick for a marathon session at all, which is really a shame because you don’t get overstimulated after orgasm, making the possibility of having multiple orgasms more likely. Unfortunately, I cannot bear to clutch the toy that long (I’m more of a one and done person anyway, so this isn’t a huge drawback for me).

All in all, I like the Womanizer 2GO for what it is: a discreet toy that gives me speedy orgasms. This model is now discontinued, but it’s currently on sale at Good Vibrations.

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