Preferences and Pet Peeves

When it comes to sex toys, we all have things we love and things we abhor. Personally, I hate any vibrator that’s buzzy. If there’s even a hint of buzz to it my clit goes numb and I have to increase the strength to maximum in order to get off. If I even can get off. Not to mention, getting off with a buzzy vibrator takes what feels like forever.

I also hate buttons placed near where I’d grip the toy. This was my biggest problem with the Lelo Lily, it was a small vibe that had buttons right where my fingers grasped the toy, causing me to press them accidentally. This ruined many an orgasm as it often changed the mode from the highest steady state to a pattern right as I’d be about to come.

That brings me to my next pet peeve; patterns. I absolutely cannot stand them. I do not like them in any way, shape, or form. Steady vibrations or GTFO.

I love rumbly vibrations, the rumblier the better. Broad stimulation seems to suit me best, so wands are my friends. I also like to use g spot toys on my clitoris, it’s easier to reach while laying on my back than with smaller vibrators where I’m probably most comfortable sitting up.

With dildos, I love squishy, dual density silicone for larger dildos and firm silicone, glass, or stainless steel for medium to small dildos. I find glass and steel to be especially fun for temperature play. You can run them under warm water to heat them up, or place them in the fridge for an icy experience.

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